Tyler Hodgett

Tyler is the lead guitarist and vocals for NAA. He's been playing live shows since he was 14. Tyler loves being in the studio and late nights writing music. His biggest influences include Weezer, the Killers and Jimi Hendrix.

Jake Smith

Jake is the bass player and sings backup vocals for the band. Jake has been playing live shows wih bandmate Tyler Hodgett since the age of thirteen. Jake loves the live show and meeting new people at their shows. He is known for full sending on stage. His favorite band is Cage the Elephant.

Liam Poe

Liam is the rhythm guitarist for New Age Americans. He learned guitar a little over a year ago, and joined the band for his first live show in November 2017. During his short stint with the band, Liam enjoys simply playing music regardless of the stage or songs. He draws his mannerisms and is inspired the most by Arctic Monkeys and Cage the Elephant.

RJ McGaw

RJ joined NAA in 2018 as their drummer, bringing with him his SoCal vibe and a new style of playing. He's been playing for over 6 years and finds his inspiration in drummers like John Bonham, Travis Barker and Mitch Mitchell. In his spare time, RJ snowboards, lifts, wrestles and enjoys traveling.