Our History

New Age Americans formed in 2014 with members Tyler Hodgett, Jake Smith, Cam Lorenz, and Sean Tannehill. Prior to preforming as a full band, three members, Tyler Hodgett, Jake Smith, and Sean Tannehill played acoustic shows together. After drummer Cam Lorenz joined in 2014, they recorded their first single, CEAF. In 2015, the band and Cam Lorenz went their separate ways. The band later acquired a new drummer, Kieran Schoaf. During this time the band changed its name to Open Water. Heading into the studio they record three songs with the new drummer: Dagger, I know it’s All Around, Midnight Rides. After recording these songs, the band started to play shows. In 2016, the band decided to change their name back to New Age Americans. Shortly after this, the band and original member Sean Tannehill went their separate ways. The band then picked up Axel Moreen to help record. Axel, with his guitar and piano skills, helped the band mature its sound. New Age Americans also included Jack Armbrust to help play festivals over the summer. The band currently consists of Tyler Hodgett, Jake Smith, Liam Poe and Kieran Schoaf. The band is very excited for their newly released album "No News is Good News". New Age Americans are playing shows at a variety of different locations. They are thrilled for what the future holds for them.